White Oak Conference Center Interactive Map

Mouse over a number to see a window with information about the corresponding area on the map. You can also click on a number to go to the Web site for additional information. Note: You may need to enable your browser to display pop up windows for this Web site.

1 Motels (A, B, & C) 8 Dining Hall 15 Disc Golf Course
2 Lecture Hall 9 Group House 16 McCall Picnic Shelter
3 Beacham Auditorium 10 Playground 17 Water Activities
4 Classroom Buildings 11 Athletic Fields 18 Boat Dock
5 Fellowship Lane & Fountain 12 Jr. Olympic Swimming Pool 19 RV Park
6 The Hub 13 Odyssey Challenge Course 20 Equestrian Trail Head
7 Fireside Patio 14 Oak Arbor
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