White Oak Conference CenterGeneral Information

Internet and Telephone
An Internet Café is available upon your request for the guests attending your conference. Internet Café is located in the Classroom Building off the main lobby.

Phones for collect or credit card calls are located in the Classroom Building lobby, Lecture Hall lobby, Internet Café, and Auditorium lobby. When using these phones there is no charge for local calls including those calls made to the Columbia area.

Non–urgent messages will be placed on the brown bulletin board in the lobby of the dining hall for guests to pick up during meal times. Emergency messages will be hand-delivered to the group leader as soon as possible.

Copier, Facsimile, Postage
Both copier and facsimile services are available at the front desk in the Administration Building. Pricing information is available in the administration office. We will be happy to apply postage to your mail at current postage costs. Please come by during office hours, and we will gladly take your mail to the post office at 5:00 p.m.

Drink Machines
Drink machines are located at the Administration Building, Lecture Halls, Motels and Group House.

WOCC can provide refreshments, paper goods, serving utensils, table covers, and condiments for an additional fee. WOCC will coordinate with you to have enough tables set up for these refreshments. If you prefer, you may schedule the Hub Cafe to be open for your break times.

Medical Attention
Any accident or injury should be reported to the front desk immediately. A first-aid facility is located in the Administration Building. Emergencies will be directed to Fairfield Medical Associates or Fairfield Memorial Hospital in Winnsboro.

Emergency Assistance
Our office number is (803) 635-4685 or (800) 723-7242, ext. 5900. You may call this number 24 hours a day. Calls after 5:00 p.m. may be answered by the answering machine, which will give you the telephone number of the staff person on call. The emergency phone located in the entrance of the Administration Building may be used for on-campus emergencies after hours. The phone number of the person on call will be posted in view. On weekends, the weekend coordinator, manager, or director is on call.

Other Regulations
Health Department policy prohibits pets. Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, and weapons of any kind including firearms and ammunition are prohibited. Smoking is not allowed in any of our buildings. Roller skates, roller blades, scooters, and skateboards are prohibited.

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